In recent years, the concept of minimalism and simplicity has gained immense popularity in interior design. One trend that perfectly captures this ethos is the IKEA floor bed hack. By eschewing traditional bed frames and opting for a mattress directly on the floor, homeowners can achieve a chic and modern look while maximizing space and comfort. In this article, we will explore some innovative IKEA floor bed hacks that can transform your bedroom into a serene oasis.

  • The MALM Platform Bed: The IKEA MALM bed frame is a versatile piece that lends itself perfectly to the floor bed hack. To achieve this look, simply remove the bed legs and place the frame directly on the floor. By doing so, you create a low-profile bed that exudes elegance and simplicity. You can further enhance the aesthetic by adding a soft and inviting mattress, plush pillows, and cozy bedding. This hack is ideal for small spaces or for those who prefer a minimalist and contemporary design.
  • The KURA Bunk Bed: The IKEA KURA bunk bed is not just for kids! With a little creativity, this versatile piece can be transformed into a charming floor bed. By disassembling the top bunk and flipping it upside down, you create a cozy nook perfect for lounging or sleeping. You can then add curtains or a canopy for a touch of privacy and intimacy. This hack is particularly appealing for those seeking a bohemian or Scandinavian-inspired bedroom.
  • The FJELLSE Daybed: The IKEA FJELLSE daybed is an affordable and functional piece that lends itself beautifully to the floor bed hack. By removing the legs and placing the bed directly on the floor, you achieve a low and inviting sleep space. The open design of the daybed allows for ample storage underneath, making it an excellent choice for small apartments or shared bedrooms. Enhance the cozy factor with soft textiles, decorative cushions, and a warm throw blanket.
  • The HEMNES Daybed: The IKEA HEMNES daybed is another fantastic option for creating a floor bed. With its classic design and versatile functionality, it offers both style and practicality. By removing the legs and lowering the backrest to the desired height, you can transform this daybed into a comfortable sleeping area. Add a few decorative cushions, and you have a cozy and inviting space for lounging during the day and sleeping at night.
  • The STOLMEN Storage Bed: For those in need of ample storage space, the IKEA STOLMEN system can be an excellent choice. By combining STOLMEN storage units with a mattress directly on the floor, you create a unique and functional floor bed. The storage compartments can be customized to fit your needs, providing a clutter-free environment. This hack is perfect for those living in small apartments or for anyone looking to maximize storage options while maintaining a clean and minimalistic bedroom.

Conclusion: The IKEA floor bed hack revolutionizes the traditional concept of sleeping, offering a blend of style, comfort, and functionality. From repurposing bed frames like the MALM and FJELLSE to transforming bunk beds like the KURA, IKEA provides a multitude of options to suit various tastes and living spaces. By embracing these hacks and adding personal touches, you can create a dreamy and inviting bedroom that embodies simplicity and serenity. So, get creative, reimagine your sleeping space, and indulge in the blissful charm of a floor bed.

10+ IKEA Floor Bed Hacks and Ideas in 2023