Above you can see the end result of us buying 4 cheap IKEA LACK tables and turning them into the center piece of our living room. I’ll add the simple steps to reproduce this result:

First get to IKEA and buy 4 LACK tables. If you fancy the shiny finish … please treat yourself to one.

Get all the table tops out and start cutting the legs into equal pieces. Note: the legs contain around a 4″ block of “wood” in each end. You can use that or simply buy a piece of wood with the exact same dimensions as the inner dimensions of the hollow legs.

Cut 12-16 equal pieces from the hollow legs and 12-16 equal pieces from the block of wood that you can insert into them. It’s a good idea to use masking tape while cutting as the legs are prone to “rapid disassembly” and the top coat can start peeling away. Once you have all pieces simply stick the wood inside the legs. Sand everything as we need a smooth surface for good contact.

That’s all – start assembling your table. Make a dry run beforehand to make sure the stability is preserved. Use a minimum of 3 legs per “floor” and rotate as you see fit. Once you have the desired shape and everything is holding … use hot glue or silicone to stick everything together. It may seem like a bad idea but the actual table is hollow as well so using other methods may result in a disaster. If you feel like this IKEA LACK hack is not sturdy enough – I’ve lifted my feet on the table a number of times without any problems. Feel free to experiment with the assembly.